Setting Intentions

I have a lot of ideas.

I’m also not a person that is very passive with her ideas.

My life philosophy is all about “HOW can I do that?” Figuring out how to make these crazy ideas a reality.

Since finishing grad school and starting my career, I’ve started all of those things that you “should” be doing, “buying a house, getting engaged, owning a dog.” It’s fulfilling. I love my life. But I’ve found it’s really easy to start letting things fill up space in your life, limiting your ability to actually get shit done.

It’s not only the physical things that get in the way. It’s mental, it’s hypothetical, it’s people, it’s rules, it’s money, it’s all kinds of “things.”

I’m at a point in my life where I have a lot of things I want to do, to accomplish, to achieve, to experience. I’m ambitious. But I can’t even get close to accomplishing any of them if I have all this “stuff” weighing me down, blocking my creativity, or filling my up time.

As I said – I have some really big ideas right now. My life is on the cusp of a million changing pieces and I want to seize every single opportunity in this transition. That means I need to be nimble, flexible, open-minded, and portable. I need to be independent, sustaining, and entrepreneurial. I’m ready.

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