What is this space?

This is really difficult.

I’m a really fortunate person. I’ve had opportunities to chase my dreams. I was given a foundation to build skyscrapers and scale mountainsides. I got to learn a lot of lessons the hard way, and I had some incredible mentors along the way to share their hard-learned lessons too. But it’s still scary as hell when I throw myself off a mountain and hope my parachute works.

Even when I do all the set up, the checks, and make sure it’s as safe as is possible – the plunge is terrifying. Some people live for the free fall. I love the free fall, only when there is a 90% chance of safety (come on, 10% is a healthy percentage and it means I’m not stiff and boring)!

The truth though? Even when I stress and obsess over limiting the risk of a new life move – it’s shrouded in anxiety from top to bottom. How exhausting. Why stress over the risk when the anxiety of the jump is going to be just as taxing? At the end of all my major life decisions, I’ve told myself “everything happens for a reason” and I am so proud of the lessons I learned along the way. Why do I build myself up like this?

I’m buying a house.

With this house, and ask I pack up and evaluate my material possessions and their immaterial meanings, I want to make sure I’m bringing only things that enhance my life to my new home. I want less “things” to clutter my home and my mind. I want more experiences that enrich me. I want the space in my new home to do things that are meaningful, and the ease of knowing I can say no.

I want this space to document my journey. The journey to part with material things that don’t add value to my life – to leave behind the things that clutter me literally and figuratively.¬† Stick with me as I learn to say “no” to experiences, people, and belongings that don’t add value.¬†Stick with me as I learn some more of life’s lessons the hard way!