I haven’t started because I need to start

I’m so excited to be here, now, telling you this. It’s something I’ve been thinking over for months. On the corner of my notebooks and on scrap paper, I sketch up ideas for posts and content. So many times I do something and I think to myself, “that would be perfect on the blog!” Yet, I haven’t even started. Which is exactly why I need to start.

This place is my place to be creative. So many times, we get lost in the lists and requirements of life. I’m there, guys. I’m fully submerged and completely overwhelmed by all the “stuff.” The stuff I should be doing, the stuff I’m not doing, the stuff I want to be doing, the stuff I wish I wasn’t doing, the stuff I’m procrastinating, and the stuff I’m prioritizing. There is a lot of stuff.

I want this to be my white space. My clean slate. The white wall, the white piano keys, the empty notebook page. The place that’s all mine where I get to take time and create something I’m proud of. It will be where I show you how I get rid of the extra stuff in my life to make room for the stuff I love. Because we all hit our limits. There is such thing as too much – and I’m there. This is my gesture to slough it off, to be light and to be free.

I have a lot of the things in life that may weigh people down: 2 dogs, a home, a fiance. Let me tell you, those aren’t enough for me to sit down and sort through laundry on all of my off days (okay, maybe some of them). This is the time to make my dreams, ideas, and failures shine through.

I’m taking tiny steps, guys. My house is a mess, I have no photo to upload with this post. And I have no idea what tomorrow will hold. But tonight – today – this is a victory. I set an intention to do this thing, and here I am following through. Hell yes.

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