Forget looking ahead

There is only a slight contradiction between current life-happenings and the title of this post…but more on that later.

Sunday, I posted a photo to Instagram and was trying to think of something philosophical to resonate with fellow #minimalists in order to get them to follow my account. (spoiler: I didn’t get any new followers). I got to thinking about cliches of minimalism and realized that the predictable thing to do is say “Sunday is for preparing for the week.” I could go on about setting intentions, mentally preparing myself, going over meticulous to-do lists and setting goals. All those list-esque things usually resonate with me.

But that wasn’t at all what I was doing. In fact, I relished the fact that I spent all Sunday indulging in myself and putting off the Monday-through-Friday thoughts/agendas until Monday morning. And it felt great.

In the listicle, rule-driven, meticulous box we sometimes try to fit in, it’s easy to forget that today is only here now, and by tomorrow today will be gone. So carpe diem, friends. (cliche).

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