3 Things I’ve learned about myself since pursuing minimalism

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There is a mix of things I’m learning about myself and my life on this journey. I’m learning maybe I don’t know myself that well. I see tendencies emerge and habits form (or fray). Things I thought I’d love, but actually work against the grain of my natural tendencies.

I thought I’d share a few of those things today. Things that have made me think about this process and what I want to achieve through this.

  1. You’re in or you’re out – this isn’t an experiment you can dip your toes into. While yes, I can be simple and start with my bookshelf, ultimately my bookshelf isn’t what’s going to make me feel figuratively lighter. I need to commit to the big stuff. We hosted brunch for friends the other morning and it was the first time in months my dining room table was 100% clutter free. It felt wonderful walking into my kitchen every day. It’s the bigger, grander actions that are most impactful on this journey.
  2. I love the idea of structure, but I’m stubborn as hell – that two-week deadline scenario of finishing books? I love the idea of it. It seems so sensible and achievable! Except for one small detail. The idea of leaving a book behind in the context of this project is annoying to me. I touched on it before: I’ve never had a problem leaving books half finished. They go back up on my shelf for a day when I’m “more in the right place” to read it. But not finishing a book and sending it on its way into the big bad world, away from me forever? That’s a little terrifying. It hits a little too close to failure for me, and instead I’ll stick it out through some discomfort (or disinterest) to finish the damn book on principal. It’s definitely not constructive – but maybe I need to sort back through my approach.
  3. This steady little adventure keeps me grounded – there has been a lot of swirl in my life lately. Between my “real” job, adulting (hello, taxes?), starting a small business on the side, planning a wedding, training, and maintaining relationships (or not), my time is a little squeezed. You’ll notice – this little blog suffered. But that’s okay. It’s always here for me, waiting. It’s always ready for my words and my ideas. It’s a great listener. And it gives my ideas a place to grow roots. So even though my minimalism journey doesn’t look like other people’s – it definitely looks just right for me.

What keeps you grounded?

Setting Intentions

I have a lot of ideas.

I’m also not a person that is very passive with her ideas.

My life philosophy is all about “HOW can I do that?” Figuring out how to make these crazy ideas a reality.

Since finishing grad school and starting my career, I’ve started all of those things that you “should” be doing, “buying a house, getting engaged, owning a dog.” It’s fulfilling. I love my life. But I’ve found it’s really easy to start letting things fill up space in your life, limiting your ability to actually get shit done.

It’s not only the physical things that get in the way. It’s mental, it’s hypothetical, it’s people, it’s rules, it’s money, it’s all kinds of “things.”

I’m at a point in my life where I have a lot of things I want to do, to accomplish, to achieve, to experience. I’m ambitious. But I can’t even get close to accomplishing any of them if I have all this “stuff” weighing me down, blocking my creativity, or filling my up time.

As I said – I have some really big ideas right now. My life is on the cusp of a million changing pieces and I want to seize every single opportunity in this transition. That means I need to be nimble, flexible, open-minded, and portable. I need to be independent, sustaining, and entrepreneurial. I’m ready.