3 Things I’ve learned about myself since pursuing minimalism

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There is a mix of things I’m learning about myself and my life on this journey. I’m learning maybe I don’t know myself that well. I see tendencies emerge and habits form (or fray). Things I thought I’d love, but actually work against the grain of my natural tendencies.

I thought I’d share a few of those things today. Things that have made me think about this process and what I want to achieve through this.

  1. You’re in or you’re out – this isn’t an experiment you can dip your toes into. While yes, I can be simple and start with my bookshelf, ultimately my bookshelf isn’t what’s going to make me feel figuratively lighter. I need to commit to the big stuff. We hosted brunch for friends the other morning and it was the first time in months my dining room table was 100% clutter free. It felt wonderful walking into my kitchen every day. It’s the bigger, grander actions that are most impactful on this journey.
  2. I love the idea of structure, but I’m stubborn as hell – that two-week deadline scenario of finishing books? I love the idea of it. It seems so sensible and achievable! Except for one small detail. The idea of leaving a book behind in the context of this project is annoying to me. I touched on it before: I’ve never had a problem leaving books half finished. They go back up on my shelf for a day when I’m “more in the right place” to read it. But not finishing a book and sending it on its way into the big bad world, away from me forever? That’s a little terrifying. It hits a little too close to failure for me, and instead I’ll stick it out through some discomfort (or disinterest) to finish the damn book on principal. It’s definitely not constructive – but maybe I need to sort back through my approach.
  3. This steady little adventure keeps me grounded – there has been a lot of swirl in my life lately. Between my “real” job, adulting (hello, taxes?), starting a small business on the side, planning a wedding, training, and maintaining relationships (or not), my time is a little squeezed. You’ll notice – this little blog suffered. But that’s okay. It’s always here for me, waiting. It’s always ready for my words and my ideas. It’s a great listener. And it gives my ideas a place to grow roots. So even though my minimalism journey doesn’t look like other people’s – it definitely looks just right for me.

What keeps you grounded?

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